Friday, April 18, 2014

Pentecostal Inspiration

Hey Everyone!!! As we go into one of  the most meaningful weekends in any believer's life, I thought the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the most fitting thing to write about. As many people know, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was a sacrifice of pure obedience. As shown in Matthew 26:38, "Then he said to them, “My soul is very sorrowful, even to death..."  Jesus did not want to die and was not looking forward what awaited him at the cross. Even though He was sorrowful, as it says in   Philippian 2:8 " ... he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross." In this walk with Christ, we must realize that our obedience to God will take us to some very uncomfortable places. A lot of times when following the instructions of God, we expect the path to be easy and convenient, but the example Christ set shows us much different. The scripture for today really caused me to think about how Jesus and Jonah actions resulted in somewhat similar outcomes, but for two totally opposite reasons. When you think about the story of Jonah, you realize that the only reason he was in the belly of the whale for three days was because of his disobedience to the instructions of the Lord and we all know the total opposite is written for Christ. In this walk, we tend to compare our life's path and journey to others, especially when we are doing what is right and true. We often times get frustrated because unrighteous people are in the same or better conditions then we are, but I want to remind you that just because the outcome is similar or better doesn't mean that  your present state is not God ordained. As we look at Jesus on the cross and in the grave, we see that everything He endured was in the will of God and according to His plan. So as we enter the celebration of Christ's sacrifice and His triumphant resurrection, let us realize that everything we endure good or bad is in the will of God and may be out of our obedience to Him. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook Page , add a comment below, and share this latest edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. God Bless!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pentecostal Fashion

Courtesy: Hugo Boss
Hey Everyone!!! This edition of Pentecostal Fashion is inspired by a trend that has reemerged in the world of men's fashion. When I was younger I vividly remember how prominent double breasted suits were in the wardrobes of men. It seemed as if every church deacon I knew owned at least one double breasted suit, that they sported very often. As times advance double breasted suits became nearly extinct and non-existent. It appeared as if single breasted suits took over the wardrobes and closets of men both in and out of church. So with all that being written, it excites to me write about the reemergence of the double breasted suit. The double breasted suit of today are definitely not the suits of yesteryear and have been greatly updated with a modern flair. Today's properly worn double breasted suit is very much fit oriented. As with most clothes, in today's men's fashion, the fit of the suit is very crucial to pulling this look off properly. I personally love the updated double breasted look and the eloquent look of class it brings. Double breasted suits adds much needed versatility to a man's closet which can easily become very dull and stale. As we move into Convention and Convocation season, be on the lookout for men in double breasted suits because this trend definitely looks as if it will be here for a while. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook Page , add a comment below, and share this latest edition of Pentecostal Fashion. God Bless!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pentecostal Spotlight - Brittney Wright

Hey Everyone!!! It is with great anticipation that I present this next interview. The artist I am interviewing is Brittney Wright. I first heard of Brittney Wright in a video of her singing acoustically with her back ground vocalists. Her stellar vocals turned me into an instantaneous fan. Having written songs for herself and other gospel artists, Brittney is not only a great talent, but an amazing song writer. So without further ado, I present my interview with Brittney Wright.

How did your journey in music begin?

I started singing like most people, in church. I started singing at the age of 3 years old. I went to Cleveland School of the Arts, then on to Morgan State Univerisity. All those places help me to cultivate my gift.

What birthed your love for music and what did you do to cultivate this love?

I grew up in a musical family. My dad was not only the pastor of our church, but he was also a singer's singer and he played the organ. He always made sure there was music all around me. The Clark Sisters, Mississippi Mass Choir, The Williams Brothers, etc.. I was a sponge. I went to an arts school where I was introduced to Jazz and Kim Burrell and that is when I fell in love with music.

As a vocalist who attended college as a vocal major, how has that formal training helped you in the furthering of your music ministry?

Formal training helps with longevity and vocal retention. I believe a lot of times in Gospel music we were taught to just sing and that's apart of the passion that people appreciate about it. But, learning how to sing and breathe properly is a gift I would not trade for the world. These tools definitely come in handy when you have multiple nights in a row you have to sing.

Who are your biggest ministry influences?

Well I am a huge Dr. Carolyn Showell fan. I believe she is incredibly powerful, poised and eloquent. Tasha Cobbs and Shana Wilson are two incredible ministry influences that I have studied, admired and been inspired by. They are two of our generations most powerful voices.

As you look back over your music ministry, how have you evolved as an artist and what has been the catalyst for this evolution?

My music, my sound, my life has evolved 100000%. I must say I really have grown since I began. I am now writing from personal experience, but with a heart of compassion for God sincerely and God's people. I have had time to live, experience life and have testimonies of my own. Its refreshing to sing now and believe what I sing because I have had the opportunity to experience it for myself. It is such a blessing to sincerely sing about how God worked things out for my good or taught me how to wait. It is a completely humbling experience.

When writing music, what creative process do you partake in to create a new song?

With new music it can't be forced. I read, I study, I pray and when God drops a melody, song lyrics or an entire song in my mind, I go with it. When you try to make it happen the song only reflects you, so I try to be sensitive to God's ear and say what he wants the listener to hear.

What steps do you take to ensure your relationship with God remains in sync?

I stay prayed up!!! Lol I know that it sounds cliche, but it really is necessary. You have to be focused to hear the voice of God in order to heed His instructions. I have had times where I was so focused on people pleasing, that I could not hear God. When you quiet everything around you and shift your focus to getting to the center of your relationship with God, it is literally life changing.

For you, how important is it for your lifestyle to match the music you sing?

It is amazingly important that your lifestyle matches what you sing. People who are not saved don't know all the scriptures and fancy words, but if you lead by example they are more prone to want to know more about your relationship with the God that you sing about.

What do you want people to take away after hearing you minister?

I want people to feel encouraged and passionate about beginning or deepening their relationship with God. I try to be as transparent as I can in my song lyrics because honestly, life is not always perfect and I believe that is the biggest misconception that people who are not saved believe most times. That there is this light that comes on once you give your life to Christ and everything is perfect for the rest of your life. So, when they see things go awry, they panic because that was not the expectation. But I want them to know that life won't always be perfect, but there is a peace and reassurance that comes with knowing you have God and He has your back.

Where do you see gospel music evolving to in the future?

I think gospel is getting back to God. I think there are some voices that the world has yet to hear and I believe that they are some of the ones carrying the mantle. I am excited for what's to come. 

Where do you see your music progressing to in the next five years?

I need my music to go wherever God would like it to go. Honestly, I don't want to move anywhere career wise, musically, personally, etc, if God is not orchestrating the entire work from start to finish.

Where can people purchase your music and contact you to inquire about having you minis,ter at their next event?

My album, The Beginning, can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. For all booking inquiries contact

As we all can see Brittney is an awesome woman of God and someone who we all should definitely support. So please go out and support all her present and future endeavors. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page and share this interview. God Bless!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pentecostal Inspiration

Hey everyone!!! This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Empowerment Conference in Atlanta Georgia. One of the speakers, Elder David Hollis, used the scripture text Jeremiah 8 for his sermon. As he read Jeremiah 8:20 something just really caused me to stop, reread and contemplate on the scripture. In reading and rereading Jeremiah 8:20 I was inspired to have that be the scripture for this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. As someone who has grown up in church, I have continuously watched people go through many cycles in their walk with Christ. Because of this I cannot help but wonder what it will take for people to experience true salvation and true deliverance no matter the season of their life. What is going to be the catalyst for people living and maintaining a sincere life for God? It appears as if during the winter or difficult season of people's lives their walk with God is very sincere, strong and well nourished. During this season you see great fervency when it comes to the work of the Lord and their relationship with Him. But it seems as if when God blesses and help them progress they begin to allow their relationship with God to digress and become a non-priority. I am realizing that one of the hardest things for people not to do is revert to a selfish nature and only consider their wants and needs when things in their life are going in a positive manner. Even in the time of harvest or summer seasons in your life, your relationship with God has to be your top priority. As ambassadors for Christ we must really take evaluation of the portrayal or reflection our relationships with Christ consistently displays. Just like the children of Israel we cannot continually take for granted the love and passion God has for us. I believe if God was to speak today in something relative to today's time, He would rephrase the scripture as "The blessing has been sent and the services are over but yet you are still not saved." As we read that can God say that about us? So let us embrace whatever season you are in your life and make sure our relationship with God is not only secure but authentic. God Bless!!!‎

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pentecostal Fashion

Hey everyone!!! This next edition of Pentecostal Fashion is featuring half rim wayfarer eyeglasses. This look has been seen on both the famous and unfamous alike and seems to steadily be on the rise. This style of eyeglasses and even sunglasses creates a sense of flair and adds a whole retro aspect to an ensemble. Because these frames are eye catching they add a sense chicness not seen before, but cannot be pulled off with every outfit or style of dress. This look leans more so towards the hipster crowd and style of dress but can definitely be worn by everyone as long as it is paired correctly. I love how these glasses can be transitioned into a daytime and evening look especially when it comes to men's fashion. So as you prepare to buy new eyeglasses take into consideration a pair of half rim wayfarer eyeglasses. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective facebook page. God Bless!!! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pentecostal Event: PAW 2014 Empowerment Conference

Hey everyone!!! Delegates from within and without the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World are gathering together in the city of Atlanta Georgia for the Empowerment Conference. Sponsored by the International Pentecostal Young People's Union this conference is expected to be one of excellence to mark the ending of the current IPYPU administration. This year’s conference is taking place, from March 20th - 22nd with the topic being "Better." 

The IPYPU staff have put together an astounding lineup of speakers and teachers this year. The conference is beginning Thursday night with Bishop Mark Moore as the speaker. On Friday morning they are beginning the day with a Morning Worship service featuring Elder Christopher Foster as the speaker. After the Worship service there is a morning session followed by an afternoon service with Pastor Timothy Findley as speaker. After that the registered delegates have an afternoon session planned. On Friday evening there is a service planned with, former IPYPU president, Elder David Hollis as the speaker. Later that evening the conference is hosting an event called the After Hour Mixer, which is a concert featuring, friend to this blog, MarQuita Danzy, Kevin Lemon and Higher Caller, Jonathon Nelson and others. I think aside from the actual services this concert is a major highlight of this year’s conference. On Saturday morning the attendees have the opportunity to meet the IPYPU candidates for the next administration, that will be chosen at this year’s Summer Convention. I think this awesome because it gives people a full opportunity to meet the candidates and not be forced to vote blindly. Afterwards, there will be another Morning Worship service featuring Pastor William Ellis and to end the conference there will be an Afternoon Worship service where Bishop Shawn Tyson will be the speaker.
This year's conference definitely seems like it is going to be stellar and amazing. With this being, friend to this blog, Elder Christopher Collier and staff's last Empowerment as the IPYPU administration their is definitely a sense of anticipation and excitement. So PAW have an awesome time in God that leaves your life Better than when you arrived. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective facebook page. God Bless!!! ‎

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pentecostal Spotlight - Elder Christopher Collier

Hey Everyone!!! I am so excited and enthused to present this latest interview. The interview I am presenting is featuring Elder Christopher Collier, the International Pentecostal Young People's Union President for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. This interview is on the heels of the last Empowerment Conference where Elder Collier will be President. Elder Collier has proven himself to be a visionary and very progressive when it comes to the work of the Lord. So, without further ado, I present my interview with Elder Christopher Collier.

How were you chosen to be the IPYPU president?

I was elected by the people to be the President. They have to vote and I was elected into that office in the year of 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

With PAW being the oldest Pentecostal Apostolic organization, as youth president, how have you worked to keep the history of the organization alive in this current generation of young people? 

This year at our Empowerment Conference, we are creating a souvenir booklet that literally gives the history of the IPYPU when it started in 1933, with pictures of all the presidents including their staff and their accomplishments. I’m VERY excited to know that our administration is leaving office this year bringing the gap between the past, present and future. 

What was your vision for the department when you initially received your position, and do you feel like you are able to fully accomplish it? 

I wanted to see our youth gather more than just one year. So we re-established the mid-year meeting and by the grace of God, we have gained back the momentum that the IPYPU once had “back in the day.” 

What do you want your legacy as president to be for years to come?

That I was not scared to take on challenges and that I strived to created opportunities for the State Presidents to do more than just be state presidents, but that I created ways for them to have more stock into the organization. 

What has been the greatest accomplishment of your presidency? 

Re-establishing the Mid-Year Meeting “IPYPU Empowerment Conference.” 

With PAW being such a large organization, how did you manage to create activities to meet the needs of so many diverse people?

A wonderful staff that cared about growth and progress in the young people of PAW. 

What three Paw leaders past or present, do you believe have made the greatest contribution to the Pentecostal world holistically? 

It’s really hard to say because when you look at each president from 1933 up until, ALL have made a great contribution in the growth and development to this auxiliary.  

What words of advice would you give a young person feeling the call of God on their life? 

To be sure it’s God and to SUBMIT yourself under your leader and learn all you can, and “CAN” or maintain..all you learn. 

As a pastor, youth leader, husband and father, how do you balance your time and ensure one area of your life is not lacking? 

By asking God for wisdom and surrounding myself with people who have done this longer than I have and are being successful with it. 

In the full spectrum of Pentecostalism, where do you believe PAW stands? 

I believe that our organization stands on truth and holiness, however, we’re realizing that we must become relevant in the 21st Century with our methods of the gospel, but not change our message of the Gospel. 

What words of advice do you have for your the next presidencies to come? 

Don’t quit and strive to do better than the former administrations. 

As the presidency, who originated the Empowerment Conference, how did that idea come about? 

I was speaking to a Pastor about re-establishing the mid-year “convention” and their advice to me was not to call it that, but to give it another name so that it would attract the “now generation” and I’m glad that I listened to that advice. 

With the last Empowerment Conference of your term just around the corner, what can those in attendance expect? 

One word “BETTER!!” 

Now that your term is almost over, where do you see God leading you in the future? 

Good question, however, as I’m learning more about having faith in God and having the faith of God, the song comes to my mind. Where He leads me I will follow… so basically, I’m looking forward to the journey of Expecting the Unexpected.. I just want to be prepared for whatever God has next for me. I won’t be going anywhere, but I do have plans on focusing more on New Life Empowerment Center as well as developing our 501c3 “Life And Destiny Community Development Corporation” The SKY is the Limit to what I can have!

As we all can see Elder Collier is an awesome man of God. This appears to be just the beginning of great things that God is going to use him for! Please go and like the Pentecostal Perspective facebook page and leave a comment below. God Bless!!!