Friday, October 17, 2014

Pentecostal Opinion

Hey Everyone!!! The other day I watched two interviews that sparked the idea for this edition of Pentecostal Opinion. The interviews featured mega stars Michelle Williams and Jennifer Hudson. As Michelle Williams spoke about her inspiration/gospel album and mega hit single "Say Yes," and Jennifer Hudson spoke briefly about Mali Music's transition from gospel music to secular music, I began to wonder if artists singing both gospel or christian music and secular was ok. As a very big fan of music in general this was a very difficult question to answer.

As someone who believes music is a very powerful gate to the emotions and actions of people I realize the importance of censoring the music you listen to, but  wonder if just because the song doesn't mention or reference God does it instantaneously make it something Christians should not listen to. I am a very big believer that the key to music is the message behind it. For years and even to this day it has been taught and preached that if you are not listening to "traditional gospel" music you are in the wrong. I personally am not of this belief system and believe the key to what you listen to should be the message and motive behind it. I do not see anything wrong with listening to a pure love song.

When we look at the Bible, the book of Songs of Solomon is a book solely about Solomon's love and adoration for a woman. I believe God placed that in the Bible to show everyone that even though we are created to live for Him, that even in our living for Him we can still express the human emotion of love.

I believe the issue comes in when people are singing about God one minute and things contrary to His nature and principles the next. Not only does it create a sense of confusion for those who listen, but a false perception of what is right in God's eyes. With the nature of God being holy and righteous we cannot rightly sing one song about how much we love Him and then on another about performing acts that are against His principles such as fornicating. As role models for this next generation of people and even a light to those who are not saved, artists must realize that what they do matter and sends a greater message than they may think. As people of God your words and actions should not conflict with one another and whether they realize it or not that is the case when they sing conflicting messages. So to answer the question I believe that if the message is not conflicting with Godly principles or standards there is no issue with singing a song that is not in the gospel or christian genre of music.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pentecostal Inspiration

Hey Everyone!!! If anyone knows the story of the early apostles, then you know they faced much hardship and resistance for doing their God given commission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. I found this scripture so amazing, that in the midst of their hardship, they found the strength and will to encourage and exhort their fellow brethren in the cities of  Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch. How many of us can honestly say that we believe in Christ and this message enough to encourage others in the midst of our own adversity?  I find that what the apostles did so selfless and example setting for the church of today.  What they did is a model we all should follow. We as saints must do as they did and be a help to our fellow brethren in the midst of our own personal storms.  I believe the reason the apostles expressed the message of enduring tribulation was not only for those in the cities but also to encourage themselves. This showed me that sometimes in your time of ministering to others you will also encourage yourself. So no matter if you feel like doing the work God has created you to do, you will learn that a lot of times the direction God leads will uplift you, along with others.   So, not only must you do the work, but you should do it to receive encouragement. Christ created us to be a family and to minister to the various need of that family. It is our duty to fulfill that which God has created us for. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. God Bless!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pentecostal Fashion

Courtesy: Guess by Marciano

Hey Everyone!!! This edition of Pentecostal Fashion is featuring an accessory that has been a trend for some time now and doesn't seem to be diminishing. The trend I am writing about is the Gold Plated Belt. This trend has been seen everywhere from runways to red carpets.   Accessories have always been a staple in female clothing, so this trend just adds to that staple. I love the touch of regalness and sophistication these belts add to an outfit. To wear this trend correctly, it should be paired with a night time or dressy look. Because of the powerful statement this belt brings and adds, it should not be paired with a casual outfit because it will appear out of place.  Also, ensure that whatever you wear the belt with has a polished look.  Ladies, be sure to go out and buy a gold plated belt, I am more than sure that you will love the look it adds to your outfit. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. God Bless!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pentecostal News

Hey everyone!!! This news may be a little late but I still was inclined to write about it. The channel Oxygen is producing a spin off for the hit controversial show Preachers of LA. For the spin off the show is being moved to the city of Detroit. More than the show itself I am impressed and excited with the lineup of preachers casted. The preachers being featured are Bishop Charles Ellis, Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Pastor David Bullock, Pastor Don Shelby, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Pastor Tim Alden.

The two preachers I'm most familiar with and excited about are Bishop Ellis and Evangelist Clark-Cole. Many people know Bishop Ellis from his work as a leader within the organization Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and local church Greater Grace Temple. As the pastor of a very successful church and leader of the oldest Apostolic Pentecostal organization it is going to be wonderful to see his behind the scenes work and get to know the man behind the pulpit. I have watched Bishop Ellis's tenure and I really commend the work he has done propelling PAW forward.

Evangelist Clark-Cole is mostly known for her singing career with the legendary Clark Sisters and on her own. Also identified for her involvement and leadership roles within the prominent Pentecostal organization Church of God in Christ, Evangelist Clark-Cole has set a high precedence for women in ministry. I believe her addition to the show is a remarkable thing because it shows the diversity of ministry.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Pentecostal Inspiration

Hey Everyone!!! A few weeks ago I heard an awesome message preached by Elder O'niel Fisher coming from John 6, on the very familiar story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. As Elder Fisher read St. John 6:7, my mind began to wonder and created the brainchild for this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. I'm sure all, if not most, know this very familiar story of how Jesus transformed two fishes and five loaves of bread into a meal that fed more than 5,000 people. As I sat and listened to Phillip's response to Jesus's inquiry about feeding the crowd, I could not help but wonder what would have happened if what little money they had was given to Jesus. When we look and see the miraculous deed Christ did with mere food I can only imagine how great of a miracle Christ would have done with money. I believe we as saints tend to hold back on God and contain Him in a box. I know we live in a time when we are told to save, plan and prepare. I just cannot help but wonder what would happen in the Kingdom if we gave God control over our finances. I know we are taught to give tithes and offerings but I think this scripture gives possibility to receiving greater than just our temporary needs being met if we give God full control. I wonder what great miracle we would have read about had Phillip taken it upon himself to gather the funds amongst the crowd and offer it to Jesus. God is so much larger than our small realms of possibilities and the sooner we realize that and give Him control over every aspect of our lives we will see doors open we never imagined. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. God Bless!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pentecostal Fashion

Courtesy: Reiss

Hey Everyone!!! This edition of Pentecostal Fashion is for the bold and secure man of today.  The trend I am talking about is the Strapless Portfolio/Document Holder also known as the Man Clutch. I know just the very sight of the word clutch and man together seems like a oxymoron and does not appear to fit, but done correctly, this trend can be masculine and fashionable.  Man clutches are very big in Europe, so it shows that it can be pulled off in the United States. There are three keys to pulling this look off correctly.  The first is to ensure that the bag is masculine looking.  The bag has to be a neutral color with very few embellishments. The reason being is because you do not want to add much focus to the bag, because it's sole purpose is to hold your belongings and not draw extra attention to itself. The second  key is to ensure that the bag is not too small. The bag should resemble the size of a briefcase or traditional portfolio bag. The reason being small bags resemble female clutches and creates a femininity to any look it is paired with.  The third key to this trend is in the way the bag is held. Do not hold the bag underneath your underarms, This appears very feminine and draws attention to it's resemblance of a women's clutch. When holding the bag, the key is to have your arms extended and ensure that you are holding the bag in your hands.  Through this way of holding it, it reminds people of a briefcase and less of a clutch. Always remember the  bag should appear as a natural extension to your outfit and not an attention drawing accessory. As long as you use and remember  these three keys, having this bag should go smoothly and be a fashionable and masculine accessory.  So all my adventurous males go out and buy a strapless portfolio bag, it is definitely on the horizon of being a big trend. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Fashion. God Bless!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pentecostal Review - The Walls Group "Fast Forward"

Hey Everyone!!!! This past Tuesday one of the newest gospel family acts, The Walls Group, released their highly anticipated sophomore album. As a group who became famous for their intricate harmonies and tremendous blend, this album is one that does not disappoint. This album definitely shows the maturity and growth of each sibling and the group as a whole. It is really inspiring to see and hear young people singing about Christ. So without further ado, I present my review of The Walls Group's new album Fast Forward. 

The album begins with a simple "Intro" that is short and sweet that leads right into the music. 

The first song off the album is the smash hit "Love On The Radio." I love the high energy of the song that arrests your attention and ears. The song is very catchy and something that will cause you to sing along with after your initial listen. I love the message behind the song because it is true that on most secular stations, in order to receive air play you must conform to the standard of the world which greatly contrasts the standard of God. This song was an impressive and genius way to start the album off. 

I love the edgy and in your face beat that begins "Big Brother." The transition that is made into a mid-tempo ballad style of song is brilliant and drawing. I love how the song really puts into perspective the relationship we have with Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Because we are adopted into God's family, we are brothers and sisters to Christ and the fact that they brought that to life really is eye opening. The chorus is simplistic in its vocal arrangement, which makes it easy to sing along with and comprehend. The song is stellar and makes you look and see Christ in the same powerful light but through a different perspective.

Great Is Your Love” begins with the simplicity of a piano. Because of that, it creates the stage for an emotionally gripping and pulling song. The lyrics really pull on your heart because of the true in nature format. There is nothing like a song that resonates the love that God has for us. The blend between the family is on great display throughout the second verse. The harmonious sound really lures you in to listen and feel the lyrics of the song. The climatic rise that occurs on the bridge takes the song to the next level. Honestly, because of how powerful the bridge is, it could have been the vamp and just continued the song to the end. The song is incredible and definitely a favorite off the album. 

The next song “Satisfied” has a very nice mid-tempo R&B sound and vibe to it. The message is impactful because we live in a materialistic society, so these are some very valid question to ask yourself to cause self-inventory. The conviction discharged in the song is really powerful, especially during the verses.  The verse and chorus format of the song causes the song to truly resonate with you. 

God On My Mind” features R&B megastar Brandy, which was a pleasant surprise. As someone who is a fan of the tonality and vocal styling Brandy consistently presents, I was very happy to see that she was featured on the song. I love how the song has a very neo soul feel to it, with a very gospel heavy organ sound. I think the mix of the two genres really creates an awesome listening experience. The lyrical content of this song is awe inspiring because the questions asked, especially in the second verse, are very difficult questions we as believers must ask ourselves at one point or another. I liked the addition of Brandy on the vamp of the song, but I loved hearing her sing a verse at the end, she exceeded my very high preconceived expectations. This is a magnificent song that just causes you to hit repeat after you listen to it. 

Freedom” begins with a very upbeat techno/hip-hop feel to it that really leaves the song genre ambiguous. Further along in the song, the hip-hop sound takes more of a prevalent direction. The song is influential in the sense that it causes you to inwardly match the up-beatness of the song. The chorus was somewhat flat in intensity and impact, but the verses made up for what the choruses lacked, but because the song ended with the repeating of the chorus the song became monotonous towards the end. 

The addition of a spoken word selection "Paco's Interlude" gave a fresh breath of air effect for the album. The interlude was a fitting addition to the album and tied right into the album's holistic sound.

The song "High" begins with a cool and calm feel to it. The song has a very current sound to it that I could definitely hear being played on secular radio stations all over the country. I love how the Walls Group transformed the terminology of high into a spiritual meaning.  The including of gospel's hottest rapper out right now, Lacrae, was genius and fit right into the mold of the song. 

The "Perfect People Interlude" was a great intro to the hit single, Perfect People that first created buzz for the album.

As the interlude ends, it goes right into "Perfect People." I love the happy- go-lucky vibe the song gives off when it first begins.  The breakdown and transition in the pre-chorus is masterful and intricate.  It shows the greatness of the song and the arrangement. During the chorus, you cannot help but want to jump up and down in a silly, joyous and playful manner just because of the energy of the song. I really like how all four voices are placed on display in the verses. The chant manner of the song adds and plays right into the format of the song. 

"Beautiful" starts off very slow rock sounding and mystical. I love the simple unison sound displayed on the chorus and first verse. The message of the song is really powerful because every Christian goes through difficult situations, but it is encouraging to hear how beauty is being created through hardship. The speaking portion contributed by Kirk Franklin helped propelled the song forward and in a greater direction. The song is very beautiful and heart pulling. The second segment of the song with just the organ and The Walls Group, really shares an intimate moment that can't help but push you into a personal moment of prayer and worship. 

The violin opening of "Anything And Everything" really sets the tone for an emotional song. The message within itself is very ‎powerful. It is a song of declaration that the Walls Group will do anything or everything to make it into heaven. The transition to the hymn "I Surrender All" was very fitting for the message and sound. The slowing down of the song at the very end was a phenomenal way to end the song and album. 

The album is stellar and incredible from start to finish. I love the youthful essence of the album that sounds very true to form for the family group. Fast Forward is an album you definitely want to add to your collection, so please support this great album. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Review. God Bless!!!