Monday, July 6, 2015

Pentecostal Fashion - Jogger Sweatpants

Courtesy: Guess

Hey everyone!!! This edition of Pentecostal Fashion is featuring the extremely popular joggers pants known for short as joggers. These pants have can be seen any and everywhere as of late. These pants are a marriage of comfortability and tailoring to add a more polished look to the ordinary sweat pants. Available in just about every modern clothing stores these have taken over the racks and closet of young men everywhere. One of the bonuses of joggers are there ability to untraditionally showcase whatever shoe the wearer has on that day. The ultimate casual yet trendy pair of pants, joggers are best pair with a casual t-shirt or polo shirt and some trendy sneakers. The key to this look to not try and over dress these pants, because at their core they are sweat pants, trendy sweat pants but still sweat pants. With summer all about being comfortable these pants are a must have to being comfortable and trendy at the same time. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Fashion. God Bless!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pentecostal Inspiration - James 4:10


Hey everyone!!! For years in the church it was taught through actions, that having humility meant not expressing your ministerial aspirations. For years people who had a desire to grow and do great works for the Lord had to sit and pretend as if those desires did not exist. Many times those actions were justified by scriptures like the one chosen for this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. Even though this was the norm, this was not an accurate portrayal of what true humbleness was. True humbleness is the act of totally relying and depending on God and coming to the realization that without Him you can do nothing. In a day and time like this where biblical truths are continually being questioned and attempted to be disproved, it is imperative that people have desire for working and advancing in ministry to help impact this world for Christ. In 1 Timothy 3:1 it says "...If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work." This scripture reaffirms the thought process that a desire to move ahead in ministry is not only acceptable but something that should be done and encouraged. It is imperative that this next generation not be turned off by this continued fa├žade of what humility is and should be. In this generation instead of portraying a sense of false humility we must first show the generation coming behind us that desiring to do the work of the Lord is not only acceptable but an admirable thing to aspire to. The church must focus on the true sense of humility and move forward in ensuring that we always remember that our strength and ability to do any work comes from God and God alone. Now that is true humility. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Inspiration. God Bless!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pentecostal Opinion - Is the church creating a place where people feel free and open to discuss and seek out help for their issues and struggles?

Hey everyone!!! As I am sure all of us have seen by now, the world was sent into a frenzy because of the big reveal of Olympic gold medal winner and reality television star Bruce Jenner, who is now being asked to be called Caitlyn since he transitioned from a man to a women.  This sparked an array of comments and opinions from both those saved and unsaved. Sadly, a great number of responses from within the Christian community were extremely mean spirited. A friend of mine from Facebook, Shaun Saunders, posted for his status "I will not debate about this #callmecaitlyn reveal, but I will say: be careful the stones you throw. Someone at your church is "Caitlyn," Someone in your family is "Bruce." Someone reading your status is conflicted emotionally, sexually, spiritually, and theologically. If you can't create a safe space for those who need it most, then why call yourself a Christian? The only thing that will draw him or her to Christ is love."

His status created the brain child for this edition of Pentecostal Opinion. When taking examination, can we as a holistic church say that the church has created a space where people within and without the church can openly and honestly express and seek out help for the areas in which they struggle?  Based on what is portrayed, especially through social media, there is no space at all. In my experience, it appears as if hatred and harshness are often the most common expressions being displayed. Because of this, it can be inferred that people do not feel comfortable opening up about what they go through. I believe that as of late, the reason behind so many of the scandals inside the church is because of the lack of space created for people to freely express and seek out help for what they are dealing and fighting against. It is often said that the church is supposed to be a hospital but we do not carry ourselves in that manner. Instead of healing people it appears that we are creating bigger wounds. 

In no way shape or form am I suggesting that the church step down or unpromote what we believe is to be absolute truths according to the Word of God. My belief is the way it must be done is in Love. As expressed many times throughout this blog, love has to be at the center of what we do as saints. In 1 John 4:8 "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." If we are supposed to be representives of God and have Him on the inside of us, His nature of love must abide in us and be seen in everything we do. The church must speak the truth in love and create a space that pulls people to seek God for a change, not push them away. When examining Christ's ministry on earth, no matter what the situation or the circumstance, every word spoken or action displayed had love very evident in it. Christ never backed down from his message, but He also never used his word as a source of venom to hurt people. 

The key to creating a space where people can discuss and seek out help for their issues and struggles is firstly realizing that at the center of every issue is a series of hurt and pain where it stems from. Because of this, the church must realize that the way to combat this is not through creating additional hurts.  Secondly, the church needs to embrace these people in love. It takes alot of courage to seek for help in something you are dealing with, so the church must create a sense of embrace so that they know they firstly made the right decision and feel the healing power of Christ's love through us. Thirdly, the church must come up with a system and set solution of what to do. When someone opens up to us they need more than a listening ear, they need some sort of strategy to overcome what they are struggling. In the church we often times listen but offer no sense of solution. 

I love the church with all my heart, but it is very clear that there is a great amount of work we have work to do. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Opinion. God Bless!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pentecostal Spotlight - Zak Williams

Hey everyone!!! This edition of Pentecostal Spotlight is featuring gospel front man and producer, Zak Williams. Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Zak Williams and his choir 1/Akkord have begun to make their own individual mark in gospel music. Having been formally trained at the Settlement Music School, Zak is a example of the greatness that can result from formal training and the anointing coming together. Having worked with gospel music legend Rev. Ernest Davis Jr. and the Wilmington - Chester Mass Choir, it can be said that Zak was groomed for greatness. Assisting as producer on the the Wilmington - Chester Mass Choir Stellar Awards winning album, "He Still Good," Zak is a man of great talent and anointing. With the recent release of his new single "Wonderful Jesus," Zak is once again displaying to the world the amazing work he can produce. Zak Williams and 1/Akkord are definitely breathing life into gospel choir music and you definitely see this is just the beginning for them. So without further ado, I present my interview with Zak Williams.

How did your journey in music begin?  

Well it began years ago with my family "The Freeman's" as well as at my home church Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They used to sit me next to the organist and I would play on the back of the bench, which turned into an every week ritual. I was then given my first organ and I haven't stopped playing ever since. It was also at Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church, that I was introduced to and fell in love with choirs and choir music! At the church we had 3 choirs who were all big and my family had a choir as well "The Freeman Memorial Choir" and through these my love for the two grew. 

As a student of the Settlement Music School, how did your formal training help you as a church musician? 

As a student at Settlement, I was able to learn to formally read music and was taught music theory. That was important because I was able to know what I was playing and not just play what I heard.  I know many awesome players who play by ear, so there's isn't anything wrong with that. My parents just wanted to help me to further my talent. Trust me I HATED going every Tuesday night from 7-10, but I look back on it now and I'm grateful that they MADE me go! lol Looking back I truly had NO choice lol...

As an organist for the critically acclaimed choir Rev. Ernest Davis Jr.'s Wilmington – Chester Mass Choir, what has been the greatest lesson you have learned being apart of such a legendary gospel choir? 

Wow!!! First, being around Rev. Davis alone was something in itself. He was a TRUE CHOIR MASTER! Under his direction, Wilmington Chester was just unbelievable!! When I was growing up they were my absolute favorite choir! Through my work with them I learned how to train and work with a choir. Their discipline and vocal ability was CLASSIC! So to be apart of that great choir helped me do what I'm doing now. I am so grateful I had that experience and can say I am apart of this legendary choir. I will ALWAYS be #wcmc4life!

What do you believe sets 1/Akord apart from any other choir in gospel music today? 

We have our own style/sound. NOT  that we are better than anyone other choir because I do not believe it is or should be a competition, but we just have our own unique style and sound. There are so many great choirs out there keeping choir music alive. Being a musician first, I try to keep our music current and vibrant!  I also use my past experiences as references in building our brand. 

In the next five years, where do you hope to see yourself and 1/Akord ministry wise? 

I hope to be still producing good quality choir music! To continue helping keeping choirs alive and thriving! To keep reproducing music that can easily be taught for Sunday morning worship! And to train musicians. I hope to be in position to help the next up and coming choir directors or musicians. This movement must continue. No one person can control it or be the only one doing this. So I hope to be in a position to be able to help someone further the movement and not hold them back.  

As a producer on the stellar award winning album "He's Still Good" by Rev. Ernest Davis Jr.'s Wilmington – Chester Mass Choir, how did you feel to have that album receive a Stellar Award?

 I can't even put into words how that felt. I didn't go to the awards but, to get that call was life changing!  Yes, they have won awards in the past. But to be the actual "Producer" of a Stellar Award winning project meant absolutely EVERYTHING to me. It was a "dream accomplishment". I don't take it for granted.   

Where do you see gospel music and more specifically gospel choral music, progressing to in the future? 

I pray it continues to evolve! I pray that it gets the same respect and attention as all the other genres of music.  I believe the CHOIR IS BACK!!! I believe the CHOIR will live forever as long as we (meaning myself and all the other choir leaders) unite and continue on with the same mission and that is presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ!  And sticking to the standards of the great choir leaders who paved the way for us.  We cannot back down and  must keep fighting to keep the "CHOIR" relevant and not a thing of the past!  

No it's not like it used to be back in the day, and truthfully it probably will never be, but I believe the Choir will always have a place. We must remain united and continue to fight! #longlivethechoir

As a member of the legendary Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, what has been the greatest thing you have learned under your pastor, Bishop Hezekiah Walker? 

Being apart of the LFT family was and is a life changing experience.  How can you not learn being under Bishop Walker? In my years being there I've learned so much. From watching how  "Bishop" approaches ministry at large, to watching the "Hezekiah Walker" the award winning artist, the only 2 words I can use to accurately describe it would be "LIFE CHANGING"! 

What have been the greatest things you have learned and consistently carry with you when it comes to ministry?

First and most important doing it with a clean and pure heart and no motives other than for God's glory!  

What was the inspiration behind the sound of your new single "Wonderful Jesus?" 

Well lol, the actual writer of the song, Franklin Holt used to come to the house all the time. Every time he came up with a new song he'd say, I got a song I'm coming over lol. So this one day he comes over and sings the 1st line of it and then goes ALRIGHT do what you do that's all I got lol and turned around and walked out of the room.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a groove lol!  So as I started working on the song, I kept hearing Bishop's song , "Wonderful Is Your Name" in my ear. The bounce on that song is ridiculous! So I wanted to create my own bounce (1/A Bounce) lol similar to that . I got the music together and we taught it to the choir and was actually supposed to record it on the last project but I changed my mind. Then while preparing for this last session we did it in rehearsal and haven't stopped singing it yet ! Lol smh 

With the recent release of your single, when can people expect the release of a new album? 

We are working hard to have the full project done by the end of spring!  PRAYERFULLY!

Who are your personal mentors and what have you learned from their examples?

Wow... That's a very long list but I'll keep it short. These five people I've followed for years and actually had the opportunity to work with them. They are WILLIS HICKERSON, STEVEN FORD, DERRICK LEE, BISHOP HEZEKIAH WALKER and DR. RICKY DILLARD. The first 3 are legendary musicians Willis (POP) was the long time music director for Wilmington Chester. He took my under his wing and taught me everything he knows and is still teaching me! Watching "Uncle Steve" from afar and then up close is just pure crazy and having a one on one with me was the opportunity of a lifetime. Watching Derrick every Sunday on Bobby Jones Gospel is one thing , being in his presence watching him work and listening to what's in his musical mind is pure craziness!  The man is a musical genius!!  All 3 of them are. And Bishop and Dr. Dillard ??? Their names speak for themselves. True choir masters! Pure perfectionists at its best!!!  Yes they both have different styles but they both do it with the spirit of excellence.  Together they have set the bar for us, and to have had the pleasure to sit under and know both of them, talk with, and get advice is major in itself. Watching them both has helped me with maintaining and cultivating 1/A! 

What one moment would you like to relive to either experience another time or to create a different outcome and why that particular moment? 

I'd say that moment when I called my mom and told her we (Wilmington Chester) won that year. To hear how happy and emotional she was and how she thanked God she was able to see it happen was more than touching for me.  In just that moment her physical condition was unimportant because her focus was on calling everyone she knew to tell them what had just happened! I will NEVER forget that.   Would give anything to relive that... And I wish I could've been there to hear the announcement and to experience that moment! 

Where can people purchase your music and contact you to minister at their next event? 

For now you can get it at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.. We are working on our website and it should be up soon. For booking, contact Cristopher Wynn @ WynnBig Management  347.210.3133 or 

As can be seen through this interview, Zak Williams is an awesome man of God and a musical gift to the world. Please support him in his future endeavors and purchase his latest single Wonderful Jesus.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pentecostal Event: Pentecostal Assemblies of the World's 2015 Empowerment Conference

Hey everyone!!! The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World's International Pentecostal Young People's Union is sponsoring their Empowerment Conference from April 23rd through April 25th. This year's conference is going to be in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. This year's conference is celebrating the auxiliaries 75th year in existence.

The main speakers for the conference are Elder Aaron Porter, Pastor Tanya Harris, and Elder David Hollis. I think it is awesome that the youth president for the organization of Pentecostal Churches of Apostolic Faith, Elder Porter, is one of the speakers. I love the unity that is being displayed through this collective effort. I think this is an excellent way for new IPYPU president, Elder Jarrett Purdue, to begin his administration.

Also during this year's conference, the IPYPU and the IPYPU Christian Education Department will be sponsoring a Bible Bowl competition on Friday afternoon. The competition will feature Jeopardy and an Oral Individual competition which will be split into two age groups of 6-10 and 11-18.  This is a magnificent way to encourage the young people within the organization to learn and study the Word of God in a fun like manner.

Another great initiative taking place at the Empowerment Conference this year is the partnering with the YMCA of Indianapolis. Through this partnership the organization plans to help promote "Youth Empowerment, Health, and Wellness for Youth and Community Engagement. The activity planned for the partnership is a 3K walk at Riverside Park. I believe it is so impressive that this administration wants to do more than have great services, but they also want to leave a community service mark in the city.

The conference is ending on a powerful note with a special service. The theme of this special service is Gideon 300, centering around the Biblical story of Gideon. During this service, they are having all of those in attendance wear army fatigue and are asking for a 10 dollar Gideon seed offering. I think this is a great way to end the conference this year and bring a from of excitement as a whole to the conference.

With this Elder Purdue and his staff's first Empowerment Conference, it appears as if this will be an excellent way to usher this new era of his administration. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram andTwitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Event. God Bless!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pentecostal Fashion - Denim Pencil Skirts

Courtesy: Levi
Hey everyone!!! The fashion trend I am going to talk about in this edition of Pentecostal Fashion are Denim Pencil Skirts. Growing up in a house where the females were only allowed to wear skirts, this was a constant in their wardrobes. It seems like the fashion world has finally caught up with the Pentecostal world because Denim Pencil Skirts have become a very big trend for this spring and upcoming summer. The versatility of these skirts create an awesome look that can be used for multiple occasions. The material of denim allows for the skirt to be dressed down and paired with a casual top and shoes. The silhouette of the skirt allows it to be dressed up and paired with some form of a heel and a dressy top or a cardigan and camisole. As we embrace what is supposed to be a great summer and spring, ladies go out and buy your denim skirt. Please go like the Pentecostal Perspective Facebook page, follow the Pentecostal Perspective’s Instagram and Twitter pages, and share this edition of Pentecostal Fashion. God Bless!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pentecostal News - Homegoing Arrangements for Apostle William L. Bonner

Hey everyone!!! As reported, on April 3rd leader for the organization, Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Apostle William L Bonner passed away. The Homegoing arrangements for this awesome leader have been announced. The organization and his family have planned a multi-day and multi-city Homegoing celebration. Seeing the legacy this man has left the world, I believe this is more than fitting and rightfully deserved.

The first service scheduled to celebrate Apostle Bonner is the "Celebration of Life" taking place on Tuesday, April 21st at Solomon's Temple in Detroit, Michigan. The next service scheduled is the "Pastoral Celebration of Life" being held on Thursday, April 23rd at Greater Refuge Temple in New York City. The final service planned is the "International Church of our Lord Jesus Christ Homegoing Celebration." This service will take place on Friday, April 24th also at Greater Refuge Temple. I am more than sure that these three services will be both celebratory and well attended because of the great man of God, Apostle Bonner was. Going off the track record for the organization COOLJC, these services will definitely be full of praise breaks and one to be remembered.

Please remember to keep Bishop Bonner's family in prayer as well as the organization Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
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