Friday, January 18, 2013

Pentecostal Review

Hey everyone in this post I am reviewing the new cd of Sunday Best winner Joshua Rodgers entitled "Well Done." Since i was not avid watcher of Sunday Best I did not realize until a couple months ago that he grew in a Pentecostal Apostolic church. Apostolics are really beginning to take over the gospel scene from Marvin Sapp to Jonathon and Jason Nelson which as an Apostolic I am excited to see. Joshua's cd is a compilation of all the songs he performed on the show Sunday Best. The overall cd is pretty good but since there was no original song of his the cd seemed to be really missing something. The cd only had a few songs that truly really stuck out to me as memorable after an initial listen. From the gate Joshua shows his amazing range on the song "God in me". The song turn a bit karaoke towards the end and was a just a tad bit too much but something I could definitely get over. On the song Still Standing he brought a fresh take and fresh wind to the song. He went all the way in at the end of the song, making you take personal inventory of your life. On the song Peace Be Still he did such an amazing job. He didn't try and over sing in the beginning which can and has been done on that song but he just tried to minister the song. That song personally is one my favorites and always takes me to a place of worship. I'm not sure if he sung it better in than Vanessa Bell Armstrong but he definitely did do the song justice. He over sung the song in the end to me just a tad bit but you can definitely live with it and still enjoy the song. The cd finishes with Well Done and it is a great way to end the project because it definitely makes a person take inventory of your life. Which I feel every gospel album should do. The quality of the song is definitely a tad bit higher which is somewhat of a disappointment because I would have love to hear that high quality on all the songs. He did an amazing job and definitely made the song his own. Overall the project is really a good cd. It is something I am sure any and everyone will enjoy and be blessed by. So go out and get it. God Bless!!! 

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