Thursday, January 24, 2013

Church of God of Prophecy CREATE Conference

In my personal opinion one of the most lacking areas in the collective church is the media/creative departments. I personally feel that it is two of the most important departments which gets the least amount of attention and guidance. With all of that being said I am excited to announce that the organization Church of God of Prophecy is having there CREATE Conference. This conference is taking place January 24 - 26, 2013 in the city of Cleveland, Tennessee. This Conference is geared towards those two areas only which I think is so amazing. They have divided the conference into four tracks Media/Arts, Music, Technology, and Writing.

The focus of the Media/Arts track is to show people how to operate in the Media ministries of their churches. This track will show people how to optimize media opportunities such as websites, facebook and twitter to make your church relevant and easily accessible in the 21st century. They will also show people the best option to create effective church bulletins and the best picture taking options. Through this track people will also learn how to effectively use pictures taken for various events for things such as ads, websites, bulletins and other things that are relevant to the church.

The Music track will explore all aspects of a music ministry from within and outside the four walls of the church. They will show attendees things such as how to get music published and the process behind  preparing yourself to minister. They are also going to allow people the chance to learn the basics of music from how to stay on pitch and the proper breathing techniques.  There will also be sessions geared towards   musicians that play instruments showing them every aspects of the instrument they play from how their instruments are made to the process of tuning their instruments.

The technology track will show attendees how properly work the various technological equipment found in churches today . In this track people will be taught how to operate the oh so imperative/intimidating sound booth along with video systems of the church. In this track people will be taught how to make the most of the technology equipment supplied at the various churches of attendees. In this track attendees will learn the best places to position your video equipment along with where to place things such as projectors and screens. People will also be taught how to operate light systems to create an effective mood for worship.

The writing track is going to show people how to turn ideas in there head into words on a paper or computer. Through this track people will learn how to successfully write articles and blogs for their various church that will appeal to both visitors and members. This track will also show people the process of getting your writing published and the steps that a person has to take in order for this to be accomplished.

I am excited about this conference and I am not even attending, so I can only imagine what the people who are in attendance feel. I truly believe this is a great idea and implementation of something that the church should be encouraging to become a greater force for the Lord. In a world where much teaching isn't being done in the church it is refreshing to know that there is a conference centered around learning how to make the church behind the scenes and in front better. So Church of God of Prophecy have a great time perfecting the media/creative departments of your churches. God Bless!!!

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