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Pentecostal Spotlight - Jason Wright

Hey everyone I am so excited to present this interview with one of gospel musics rising stars, Jason Wright.  Jason is a former member of Ricky Dillard's New G and has recently started his own choir The Master's Touch. Many people remember and continually recognize Jason Wright from the hit song "Take Me Back" in which he co lead.   Jason is a very active member of his church, Progressive Cathedral Church of God in Christ, and organization, Church of God in Christ. Under the pastorate of his father Bishop James Wright, Sr. he serves as Minister of Music & Fine Arts. Jason  is a true testimony of the faithfulness of God and the importance of waiting and following the instructions of the Lord. As the winner of the title "Best Choir" from Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole's Singer's & Musicians Conference in 2007 and a Rhythm of Gospel Award in 2012, Jason Wright and The Master's Touch are proving that they are a force to reckon with in the gospel/choral community. You can truly see that the best is truly yet come with this amazing choir. So without further ado I present my interview with Jason Wright.

How did you get started in music?  
Well I started in professional music under the leadership of Jesse Williams in a group called Destiny which recorded an album with Dorothy Norwood and for Malaco Records.

As a member of Ricky Dillard's New G what is one thing you learned under his direction?
This is hard a question for me because I have learned so much, but one of the major things I learned from Ricky is  the importance of humility and how to stay in the business by being humble and friendly.

What do you feel is the inspiration and reoccurring theme of  the music from Jason Wright and The Master's Touch?  
Hmm let's see, the reoccurring theme in my music would have to be Church Music. I want to deliver music that church choirs, groups, and praise teams can sing for years to come and not only have a good groove but offer good ministry.

Seeing how you are an active member of the organization Church of God In Christ as the State Music Department President for the New York Western First Jurisdiction how big of an aspect do you think music is to the Pentecostal church as a whole? 
Oh gosh, music in the Pentecostal church is VERY important it is the foundation of all of our services.  I believe that the music is what draws many people to the Pentecostal church and the Word is what keeps them.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years musically?  
In the next five years I hope and pray to still be doing music on a larger scale. I also hope to be recording or promoting my third or fourth album and who wouldn't like a Stellar and/or Grammy. (smile)

I know that you recently recorded your second live album what can people expect from this next album?
This next album is going to be amazing, simply put . With this album you will be able to hear maturity singing wise through the choir and also through the writing.  We still are staying true to form and having “church” but I think many will be surprised by the praise and worship element of this album.

What is your biggest and most proudest accomplishment you have made so far? 
Hmmm, this is another hard question. I honestly am not sure what my biggest accomplishment has been so far because I can truly say God has done some great thing with me and the choir. But, I think three of the greatest thing God has done through myself and The Master’s Touch is winning a Rhythm of Gospel Award, doing Dorinda's National TV Show, and Singing during the  Stellar Awards Weekend. There have been so many amazing things God has done, I can truly say God has REALLY been good to me and Master’s Touch.

How has growing up in an Pentecostal organization, Church of God in Christ, affected you and your music?
Growing up in COGIC has had great effect on my music. My music is pure authentic church music and solely BIBLE based music because that is really all I know.

As a recording artist, minister of music both at your church and jurisdiction how do maintain your sense of integrity and strong relationship with God?  
Well, the most important thing that helps me is PRAYER. My prayer life and studying of the Word of God are the most important things in my life and those two things are what allows me to be able to maintain my integrity and relationship with God.

For some years in my opinion gospel choral music was on the decline in the mainstream gospel industry but in recent years it has really seem to make a comeback what do you feel caused this come back?  
Well the industry is still trying to push it out, but I think that the listeners are making it very loud and clear that choir music can never die, it is the backbone of Gospel. Churches NEED music to sing during their various services, point blank period. 

Seeing how you are also a writer of music what process if any do you have, to come up with your music?
Well most writers, write from a place of experience and I am no different from any of them. My music comes from different things I have experienced in my life.

How did the formation of Master's Touch come about?
God spoke to me one day while I was sitting in my living room and told me to start a choir. During this He  gave me the name of the choir and everything. At that time I was pursuing a solo career, but God certainly had different plans and the rest as they say is history.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned since forming your own choir?   
One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that everyone does not have your best interest at heart. I have also realized that you can't trust everyone with your vision and with what God has promised you. You just have to trust God and let it happen naturally and in their own timing and as a result you will see the fruits of your labor.

How do you balance being a member of Rick Dillard's New G, the director and leader of Master's Touch and, state and local minister of music? 
Ha. It's VERY difficult to wear all the hats I wear.  My time with New G has been majorly affected by my roles with my own ministry and my church organization. Even though I am know longer  with New G I love and miss them. At this time I’m just trying to follow God's plan for my life in this season.

What do you feel separates The Master's Touch from any other choir in the music industry? 
The ability to sing hard like all of the big choirs but yet be able to sing praise and worship music with the best praise teams, the versatility!!  

When can people expect your next album to be available for purchase?
We are in talks now with some new labels and once a deal is made we will set a release date.  I want to be sure that this project is available everywhere Gospel music is sold, so I' am taking my time to make the right deal.  Unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate approximate date, but I am hoping  for this summer.

Where can someone go to book you and/or to buy your album? 
You can currently purchase our album "Victorious Believer" on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and ALL online retailers.  It's also available in some local Christian Bookstores.  We would love to come to your city, church, or event and we can be booked by contacting Carlton Cofield/Soultowne Music Group at 404.988.8484 or

As we all can see through this interview Jason Wright is truly an amazing man of God. His music is something that people of all ages and tastes will enjoy. Please support Jason Wright and Master's Touch, I am sure their music will be a blessing to you. God Bless!!!

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