Friday, March 15, 2013

Pentecostal Review

Based on listening to Alexis Spight's new album I can truly say she is an anointed vessel for God. While on Sunday Best once you got passed the hair you could see that she truly was "churchy" as some would call it and this album shows that even the more so.   As a fifth generation member of the Church of God in Christ she truly shows through her album the ability to be young and relevant while still singing the message of Christ and not compromising. I truly enjoyed her album her voice is not only one of a kind but also very entertaining. While listening to the album I kept waiting to see what next she was going to do. I feel that even in the midst of ministry there has to be a sense of entertainment. I know many people may not agree but if we were to be honest with ourselves when listening to someone especially in instances where money has been paid, there is a certain entertainment value.

 I love the first song Steady,  it has a great beat and uptempo sound. I love how she infused a Caribbean flavor to this song it made it unique and intriguing.   I love her voice, she was able to show it off while being able to make the song catchy. I love how towards the end if the song how she mixed in a go-go beat (a style of music that mixes big drum sounds famous in the DC area). It made the song fun and kept you on your toes because it was truly unexpected.  Steady was a very good opening song and a great way to set the tone for the whole album. I really liked the original verion of Set me Free from Myron Butler, so I was interested to see if she was going to do a good job on the song. She honestly did much better than I anticipated because it did not sound like someone who was recording a karaoke version but it sounded like an original song of hers.  I feel like she gave the song a fresh wind and new sound. I love hymns there is such power and anointing in songs like Great is thy Faithfulness and Precious Lord Take My Hand that I feel is not being matched by the music of today. I personally believe that there is so much anointing in the lyrics and arrangement of Power in the Blood. With that being said I feel like she shouldn't have changed and rearranged the song. I understand what she was trying to do by making the hymn more updated but I think some things just don't need to be updated.  Sometimes in the process of updating we loose the power and anointing from the original. I do love that she sung the verses and not just the chorus as people tend to do. Overall even though I feel like she shouldn't have changed the song it isn't a bad song and it is a song I can see people enjoying, even myself once I get over the changing of the hymn part. Not many artist would be brave enough to place a song up with only a drum beat and their voice let alone on their first album, but on the song Ain't Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around that is just what Alexis did. This calculated risk was well worth it for Alexis because she sounds so amazing. The ability to hear every note without it being cover by an organ, keyboard, or any other instrument really shows the true skillfulness and artistry of her voice.  Even though she added an organ in the end the beginning truly showed her vocal ability and shows her as a force to be reckoned within the gospel industry. I love the uniqueness she placed on the song Imagine Me another classic song she made her own. I love the hip hopesque beat and scratching she added to the song. She killed this song, it truly seems as if this is an original song of hers, not a remake. I could have done without the rap in the middle, but even with it I still love the song. The song Live Right Now is a really nice ballad I can definitely see this as a song that could crossover and be played almost everywhere. The message is positive and an important one for everyone to grab. I can definitely see this on radio stations all over America. In the song Calvary even with the jazz beat you hear the intensity and true message of this song. She is a "sanger" I love how she is not over singing this song and adding runs unnecessarily she really knows about correct placement when it comes to doing runs. One of my favorite songs Yet I'm Still Saved from Donald Lawrence she straight killed. With such an amazing song she had no other choice but to bring it and she did just that. I feel like she could have ended the album with a better song. This is the only song that I  feel like did nothing to add to the album.

I truly believe this album was a great way to start Alexis Spight's career.  Overall this is a great album and something I could listen to repeatedly and just because.  This album to me is a complete body of work. Everyone please go out and support this young women for God. I am sure you will be blessed. God Bless!!!



  1. I was blessed with this album for my birthday from an amazing friend!! I love it! The song Steady is apart of my morning routine now!! Please go out and support her!!

  2. I personally liked the song steady however I did not appreciate the fact that she sounded like kierra sheard's cloneI felt like I was listening to a Kiki album with a go go beatI felt deceived that the cover made her look like such a unique individual but she sounded so close to two people that are already really established in the gospel industry Kim Burrell and Kiki Sheardoverall I was not impressed with this album at all.



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