Sunday, June 30, 2013

International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ's 56th Holy Convocation

Hey Everyone!!! The International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ is convening for their 56th Holy Convocation. Convocation is taking place in Stamford, Connecticut from June 30th through July 5th, 2013. I found it very interesting that the International Bible Way and the other Bible Way were not convening at the same time this year. As many others are, I am praying and hoping for a reuniting between the two organizations sometime in the future. The speakers for this year's conference are Bishop Liston Page Sr., Bishop Elect Barrington Goldson, Pastor Jackie McCullough, Bishop Floyd Nelson and Bishop Eric Garnes. The lineup of speakers are amazing to me. I really admire the group of speakers they compiled for this year's convocation.  It is great to see organizations reach across man made organizational lines. I also am very impressed with how far they have come in reference to their acknowledgement and recognition of female vessels of God. As has been stated before, I do not want to create an issue of combativeness but only want to foster an environment of oneness and unity. However, I am still very impressed with Bible Way. On Thursday, the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Cornelius Showell, is giving his keynote address in the morning, and that evening instead of a regular service, the church is convening for a concert. I am truly impressed with the fact that they are doing a concert instead of a service one night.  I believe the Power of God can move in many different forms, so I am happy that they are using different methods to reach out to those in attendance. In my observation, you do not see many organizations having their main conferences in the northeast section of the United States, so it is very interesting to see an organization of their size having their main conference in the northeast. Have an amazing time Bible Way, may the Word and Glory of God be manifested in your Holy Convocation. God Bless!!!

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