Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship 2013 PEAK National Youth Conference

The Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship is having there PEAK National Youth Conference in Tulsa Oklahoma July 17th - 19, 2013. During this meeting, they are expecting a very big turn out. I amazed at the successful growth rate since their inception. The speakers lined up for this conference are Ron Tiller, Dan McClure, Ari Prado, Daniel McDonald, and Zack Wells. On the nights of Thursday and Friday, they have two events called "Afterburners." I am unsure of exactly what type of activity this is but it appears to be some type of fellowship with after hours activities, which I think is  always great for young people. So WPF have a great time in the Lord and may the presence of the Lord descend upon you like never before. God Bless!!

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