Sunday, August 4, 2013

Apostolic Faith Fellowship International's National Convention

Hey Everyone!!! The newly formed fellowship, Apostolic Faith Fellowship International is convening for their National Convention in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. This Convention is taking place on August 6 – 10 at the Omni Hotel. The speakers chosen for this meeting are: Bishop Lambert Gates, Bishop James Nelson, Bishop Samuel Smith, Bishop Jessie Battles, and the Presiding Prelate Bishop Charles Johnson. On the evening of August the 9th, Jason Nelson will be. conducting a concert for the organization. The Youth Auxiliary is conducting services on that Wednesday morning, Thursday late evening and Friday afternoon. The speakers for these services are: Elder David Windham, Elder Anthony Davis, Minister Derrick Bull, and Elder Reddgo Long Jr.  The Christian Education auxiliary is having three sessions on Wednesday and Friday on the topics of Harvesting the Field, Growing a Christian Education Department, and Raising a Generation of Apostolic Leaders. These sessions are being conducted by: Elder Philip Watkins, Evangelist Elisa Height, and Elder Fletcher Davis. With this being new and fresh, there is an air of anticipation at how things are going to operate for this fellowship.Well Apostolic Faith Fellowship International, enjoy yourselves in Charlotte, and may God’s favor and presence be with you as you convene and enter this new season of your lives. God Bless!!!


  1. hello calvary greeting, am apostle prince badjene from togo western africa, nurse by profession and pastoring a church, am president of non profit christian organisation to serve more than 600 orphans children in their schooling and in rural area,am married to prophetess gisela and have two daugthers. am president of pastors and churches association i found call ALLIANCE OF APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC MINISTRIES and running also bible school where we teach( APOSTOLIC-BASE we teach (ministry gifts, church and his organization, authority, apostolic fathership, apostolic mentor, loyalty and disloyalty, ministerial ethics, leadership, spiritual psychology, realities of the anointing, apostolic sonship .........ect.

    MISSION COURSES we teach (introduction to the mission, mission church, missionary bibliograph,y missiological research, history of mission in the church, how to start a missionary agency, cross-cultural mission, theology of mission, church planting, world missions, missionary movement) all the way to raise a new generation of leaders for effective harvest

    . i would like to be affiliate with your organisation and to serve together the church of jesus christ.
    facebook is

    Prince and Gisela BADJENE

    Apostle and prophetess

  2. Thank you to the Lord for you in faith to Christ and be fild of the holy spirit today for now is the last time and we desire more of heaven in theligh to see and be victorious in a lot resistance forces that fighting against us and our faith in the world, thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden



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