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Pentecostal Spotlight - Minister Shane Johnson

Hey Everyone!!! I am so excited to present this next interview which has been a long time in the making,. This interview is with the International Congress President for Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Minister Shane Johnson is a very great man of God. Hailing from the city and country of Ottawa, Canada, he is an example of how commitment to God and your church can bring about divine results. Going into his second reelected term as Congress President, Minister Johnson has shown that he not only has a great vision, but he has the power, strength and anointing to fulfill that vision. So with excitement, I present my interview with Minister Shane Johnson.

How did you become International Congress President?

After serving 3 years as the Vice-President, I was elected President during our 70th Congress in Atlanta, GA and re-elected during our 73rd Congress in Louisville, KY.

What are the responsibilities of Congress President?

The responsibility of the Congress President is to provide training for current and potential leaders through the coordination and administration of the joint Sunday School Association and International Armour Bearers Young People’s Union (ABYPU). My core responsibilities as COOLJC Congress President are to ensure that the four major areas of  COOLJC’s mission are covered:  Evangelism, Global Missions, Home Mission, and Christian Education.

Seeing how you currently live in the country of Canada what, if any, difficulties do you come across being Congress president for an organization whose bulk of their churches are in the United States?

 If there was an area of difficulty, it would probably be in the area of traveling, which could be a bit expensive coming out of Canada. I must say, that I am grateful for the way in which technology has allowed us to communicate all across the globe in a cost efficient and timely manner. My entire staff lives in the US, but I am able to communicate with them via conference calls, SKYPE, email, text, Facebook, as well during our annual planning meeting at the WLBC, Site Visits, Congress Rallies, our International Convocation and Women’s Conference.

What aspects of being president have come hardest?

The hardest aspect of being president is not having my wife with me during my many travels . I would love to have her beside me everywhere I go, but I’m grateful for FaceTime.

In your time being apart of the organization, COOLJC  what changes and advances have you seen the organization make?

Within the past 20 years, COOLJC has advanced from having 7 Apostles to having 12 due to the growth of the body of Churches. God has also blessed in the area of Christian education, as we have been able to open an accredited Bible College, WLBC ; The William L. Bonner College in Columbia, SC, which has become the southern headquarters for the organization.

Where holistically do you feel COOLJC stands in the full spectrum of Pentecostalism?

COOLJC continues to spread the gospel of baptism in Jesus Name, the necessity of the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, for biblical base salvation and power to live a Christian life.How and when did you receive the call to ministry on your life?I received the call to the ministry in 2000, and received my Minister's License under the direction of my Pastor District Elder Leonard Banks in New Orleans, LA in 2003.

With mentorship being an important part of ministry, who have been your biggest influences and mentors ministry wise?

I have been blessed to have so many mentors to guide me before and along the path of ministry to where it’s difficult to just point out one. My current Pastor, District Elder Bryan Williams, Pastor of Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Ottawa, Canada and my Pastor back in New Orleans, Dr. Leonard Banks Pastor of Greater Full Gospel Apostolic Church, COOLJC continue to be great influences to my life as a Minister, husband, father and community servant.

What has been the greatest ministry related advice you have been given?

The greatest ministry related advice that has been given to me has been to live the Christian life that I will eventually preach to others, before I preach to others how to live a Christian life. - I Timothy 3:10.

Coming from the organization COOLJC, how does the church stay relevant while still maintaining it standard and stance on holiness?

I believe that the church stays relevant by following the example of Jesus Christ and meeting people where they are, without compromising our stand on the established word of God. This is God’s body not ours so we must rely on the Spirit of God to give us the wisdom and strategy to disciple souls for his Kingdom. “Plant, water and let God give the increase.”

As a father and husband, how do you balance being those two important roles while being very active and busy in ministry?

As a father and husband, I am able to balance these two important roles while being very active and busy in ministry as we always ensure that we eat together as a family three days a week, especially on Sundays, and we take advantage of free Saturdays. My wife and I strive to keep our date nights after 9:00pm when the children are asleep. This enables us to enjoy a great Christian movie or we simply snuggle up together and tell jokes and/or watch funny pictures and videos on YouTube. Overall, we have learned to appreciate our family time and make full use of it.

With being such a busy man, how do you maintain a successful relationship with God?

I would be nothing without the Lord and so although life gets busy, you can never be too busy to spend time with your creator! The scripture I live by is Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you."

In my experience of studying various organizations that were started and have majority of there churches in US more than likely there national officers are from the US, how does it feel to be one of the few people who actually is a national officer while being in a different country? 

I count it as a true blessing and honor as the Lord truly had his hand on our family moving to Ottawa, Canada, where my wife was born and raised. Many countries have been impacted through the spreading of the gospel by COOLJC and it’s a blessing to represent the body in a country where it has had a great impact.

With COOLJC Congress quickly approaching  what can people expect from Congress this upcoming year and for those on the fence about going why should they attend?

The 74th Congress will be held at the HYATT Regency in Atlanta, Georgia from April 23rd to the 26, 2014. This will prove to be an exciting gathering for all those that are planning to be in attendance. You can anticipate an awesome move of God as we open the International Congress on Wednesday, April 23rd in fellowship with Faith Covenant Church of Jesus Christ, where the pastor is Bishop Mark Moore, Sr. Youth leader, Elder Mark Moore Jr. will be ministering the word.  These are just a few highlights: Midnight basketball, Late night Gospel CafĂ© spoken word, Knowledge is power Bible challenge, Saturday Midday Gospel Artist concert, Ladies of Congress (LOC) presents  Apostolic “ Covered  Girl” and Not Ashamed” and so much more.

What are some future plans for COOLJC congress and in what direction do you see it going overall in the next three years?

COOLJC elects officers every three years, and I am blessed to be serving my second term as president. It is my hopes that the Congress will draw more youth than ever before in the history of COOLJC to attend this great gathering. I pray that the young people will have a place in the Congress to grow into productive community and Christ Kingdom leaders. I believe that through the Congress, young people will be able to discover their God given talents and abilities, and will be able to put them to use for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we all can see, Minister Shane Johnson is a great man of God and someone the younger generation can model themselves after. God Bless!!!

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